Technocracy and Technology

The Alloyin seek one thing above all else: knowledge. A fanatical devotion to advancement has led them to vastly outstrip the other factions in technology. The one true city upon Solis, the Alloyin capital of Brightsteel lies just to the north of the SolForge, its gleaming towers standing in stark relief to the frozen wasteland around them. The constant whirring of machines can be heard for miles around even over the howling of the winds.

The Pursuit of Progress

Alloyin technology is a fusion of magic and metal. They have learned to harness the powers of the SolForge to imbue mechanical creations with life of their own, giving them an army of constructs at their command. Their pursuit of progress isn’t limited to the things they build. Their experimental subjects include their own bodies, replacing flesh and bone with circuits and steel.

A City of Towers


The skyline of the Alloyin capital is dominated by towers of different metals, each representing a different field of study. The steel towers of the Academy of War stand by the silver spires of the Academy of Machines and the golden domes of the Academy of Cybernetics. Alloyin society is heavily regimented to maximize efficiency, with children subjected to a rigorous series of tests to determine which field they should enter. In the center of the city, a single tower made of an alloy of all of the other metals houses the Steel Collective, a ruling council comprised of the leaders of each academy.

Building the Future

The Alloyin believe in the neverending march of progress. They see the traditions and spirituality of the other factions as anchors holding them back from advancing as a people. They see the Tempys as barbarians clinging to ancient superstitions and view the Uterran’s reverence of all living things as weakness – after all, flesh can die. Metal cannot. The Alloyin do have a grudging respect for the efficiency and organization of the Nekrium, seeing their legions of undead as a reflection of their own army of machines.

Core MechanicsEdit

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