You might be wondering who exactly the Forgeborn are.

They are those with the gift to control the magic of the SolForge itself, allowing them to bend the world to their will and wield power greater than any other. Those youth who show promise are sent far from their homes, to the foot of the SolForge itself, to train to unlock their latent talents. They come from each of the factions, from every corner of the shattered world of Solis, to study at the feet of the Forgeborn Elders and learn to harness the limitless depths of the forge’s power.

As a player, you take on the role of one of these Forgeborn, wielding ancient powers to call forth mighty creatures and cast powerful spells. But in this dangerous and desolate world, even those as powerful as the Forgeborn need allies. For their greatest battles, they call upon one another.

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