Creatures are at the center of the action in SolForge. You use them to attack your opponent and to defend yourself from attacks.

Every creature has two important values, Attack and Health, shown in the lower corners of the card.

Attack is how much damage the creature deals in battle. Health is how much damage the creature can take before it is destroyed.

When a creature takes damage, its health is reduced by that much. When its health is reduced to 0 or lower, it is destroyed.

Each creature also has a text box, which tells you what that creature’s abilities are.

When you play a creature, you choose one of your spaces and the creature enters the field in that space. Creatures remain in the space in which they are played until they’re destroyed or replaced, or an ability or card causes them to move. You can only have one creature in each lane. If you choose to have a new creature enter the field in a space that already has one, the old creature will be replaced. When a creature leaves the field, it is removed from the game.


Creatures have two states: Offensive and Defensive. Your creatures enter the field on the Defensive and go on the Offensive at the start of your turn. Offensive creatures will start a battle when any player presses the battle button.