Game OverviewEdit

Each player begins with a deck of 30 cards and a starting life total of 120 health.

At the start of each turn you draw five new cards but can only play two of them. The cards you play will get leveled up while the remaining cards get discarded at the end of the turn.

There is also a battle phase during each turn, where every offensive creature (friendly and enemy) will attack.

Every four turns, you move to the next player rank and reshuffle your deck, allowing you to draw your leveled up cards.

The goal of the game is to reduce your opponent’s health to 0 (or below)by dealing damage with your creatures and spells.

User InterfaceEdit

  • 01. The Play Field
  • 02. Opponent’s Spaces
  • 03. Your Spaces
  • 04. Opponent’s Health
  • 05. Opponent’s Level
  • 06. Opponent’s Name
  • 07. Your Hand
  • 08. Your Health
  • 09. Your Level
  • 10. Your Name
  • 11. Battle Button

Turn StructureEdit

Beginning of TurnEdit

  • Effects that trigger at the beginning of a turn happen
  • All your creatures become offensive

Main PhaseEdit

In any order...

  • Play a card
  • Play a card
  • Battle

End of TurnEdit

  • Discard the remaining cards in your hand and draw five cards. If it is the end of your rank, your discard pile is shuffled into your deck.
  • Effects that trigger at the end of turn or when you gain a rank happen.
  • Effects that last until end of turn wear off.



Most of the action in Solforge takes place on a board known as the field. The field has five lanes, and each lane is split into two spaces, one for each player. Your creatures always battle the opponent’s creatures in the same lane, or deal their battle damage to your opponent directly when there is no creature opposing them. Each player can have no more than one creature in each lane.

When you play a creature, it will have a defensive status, indicated by a spiked ring with chains over the card. Creatures on the defensive cannot attack, use Activate abilities or change lanes with Mobility. Effectively, your creatures will have to wait a turn before they can use any of these actions.

During the battle phase, creatures in opposing spaces will deal damage to each other based on their attack values as long as at least one of the creatures is on the offensive. Two defensive creatures in the same lane will not deal damage to each other that turn. Creatures are destroyed when their health is at or below zero. If an attacking creature is unopposed, it will deal its damage to the enemy player.

Card LevelingEdit

Demara's Pitguard

Cards in Solforge have multiple levels, and they transform as the game goes on. At the beginning of a game, all of the cards in your deck start at level 1. When you play a card, the next level of the card is put into your discard pile. Alternatively, you can discard and level up a card without playing, but it will take up one of your two actions for the turn. Every four turns, your rank increases and you reshuffle your deck, allowing you to draw your higher level cards.

Cards usually increase in power as the level up, but cards transform in different ways. You can right-click or tap card to view all of its levels in game. The icon in the upper right corner indicates the current level of the card.

Game ClockEdit

There are two aspects to the game clock in Solforge. First, each player get 75 seconds to make the actions for their turn. If their turn exceeds 75 seconds, a reserve bank of 3 minutes and 45 seconds begins to tick down. Once time is taken out of the reserve bank, it does not replenish for the rest of the match. If a player's bank reaches zero, they forfeit the game.

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