The world of Solis is a harsh one.Edit

The feeble rays of a dying sun barely pierce the sky, leaving much of the surface an icy waste. Harsh winds howl across a desolate landscape stalked by dangerous creatures. Yet amidst the cold and dark forever burns the SolForge, an enormous spire that radiates heat and light – and magic. The SolForge is the source of power and hope in a world in dire need of both. The tale of its origin has been lost to time, but none alive today can imagine the world without it.

Those who have survived in this desolate world have not done so alone. Four factions have staked out claims upon the land, competing for the scarce resources found upon the ice. The brilliant Alloyin, fanatical researchers who seek advancement beyond all else. The rugged Tempys, roaming clans of shamans and barbarians who revere and harness the elements. The elusive Uterran, whose subterranean homes teem with life inconceivable on the surface. And the mysterious Nekrium, who have traded the chill of the ice for the cold embrace of undeath. A shaky truce keeps the peace in the area surrounding the SolForge itself, as each of the factions recognizes how important it is to all of them.

It is to this neutral ground that the factions send their most promising youth, hoping they might learn to wield the powers of the SolForge. The Forgeborn, they are called, those who can harness the spire’s magics to bend the world to their will. Those who master the magic of the SolForge can evoke powerful spells, summon mighty creatures, and erect imposing structures by sheer force of will. The Forgeborn of all factions practice and hone their craft in the great arenas surrounding the SolForge, battling one another in contests of the arcane arts, as the magic of the forge will only answer those who call it in time of need.

While today these duels serve as the sport of the land, it is said that the Forgeborn elders know something more. The ice encasing the world has mysteriously begun to melt, its retreat uncovering ancient ruins and forgotten creatures from some bygone age. Growing tensions between the factions over this new territory threaten their ancient truce, and there are those who whisper of an ancient evil that has awoken beneath the thawing ice…