( * Added To Cards And Info )

Next Game Button AddedEdit

  • Players can now use the Next Game Button to navigate between active games.  The button appears when it is the player’s turn in another online game, and clicking it will bring the player to that game. 

New Store ItemsEdit

Additional Deck SlotsEdit

Players can purchase additional Deck Slots to save constructed decks.  These are available for 280 Gold or 25000 Silver.

Faction DecksEdit

Preconstructed decks for each of the four factions are now available for 3600 Gold.  Purchasing these decks also gives a player an additional deck slot. 

Timer UpdatesEdit

  • Game timer reduced to 20 minutes per player
  • Timing out now properly reports the correct winner.

Daily RewardsEdit

  • Daily rewards now reset at midnight Pacific time rather than 22 hours since last awarded.

Server and performance improvementsEdit

iOS OnlyEdit

  • iOS7 support
  • Lots of minor fixes

PC OnlyEdit

  • New and improved “You Win” and “You Lose” screens
  • Create account screen
  • Fixes to properly support Steam Wallet
  • In-progress deck changes are temporarily saved in the Deck Builer
  • Lots of minor fixes

Card ChangesEdit


  • Tech Upgrade

Text has been updated to correctly target any creature. *

  • Matrix Warden’s

Target prompt text has been updated *

  • Forge Guardian Omega

Level 1 is now 20/20 and gained Mobility 1

Level 2 is now 40/40 and gained Mobility 2 and Armor 20

Level 3 is now 80/80 and gained Mobility 4 and Armor 40

  • Flowsteel Prototype

Has had its text template updated *


  • Fleshfiend, Death Seeker

Now only trigger if their space is empty when the effect resolves

  • Corpse Crawler

Text has been updated to remove the word “another”

  • Grave Pact

Can now correctly target your own creatures with the second part of the effect

  • Explosive Demise

Level 3 has been fixed to correctly deal damage

  • Dr. Frankenbaum’s

Creature type has been changed to Abomination

  • Keeper of the Damned

Text has been updated to indicate it can only be used on creatures you control

  • Vengeful Spirit

Text changed to specify opposing creature


  • Grove Matriarch

Now only trigger if their space is empty when the effect resolves

  • Lifeshaper Savant

Can now correctly only target your own creatures

  • Glowstride Stag, Druid’s Chant, and Lifebringer Cleric

Text template has been updated

  • Saplings

Can be targeted by Cultivate now

  • Leafkin Progenitor

Is now a Treefolk and is correctly affected by Cultivate.

  • Wildwood Sower’s

Trigger has been updated to be optional

  • Talisin, Bard of Abundance’s

Text has been updated to correctly reflect its ability

  • Oxidon Spitter

Is now a Dinosaur (was Treefolk)


  • Scourgeflame Sorcerer

Text updated

  • Asir’s Blessing

Has had the typo in the name fixed at level 2

  • Scorchmane Dragon

Text updated

  • Spiritflame Mystic’s

Text has been updated to indicate opposing creatures

  • Storm Bringer

Now correctly triggers on both players’ turns

  • Fervent Assault

Text has been updated to correctly indicate it grants Mobilty 2 and Mobility 3 at higher levels