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Legendary InclusionsEdit

The following table lists legendary cards that can be obtained in preconstructed decks. Cards obtained in these decks are sharable.

Card Set Deck(s)
Relic HunterSet 4.1 Cypien Technology
Enduring VitalitySet 6.1Call of Deepwood
Ice GraspSet 6.1Kadras' Fury
Infernal RitualSet 6.1Tarsus Unleashed
Nexus BubbleSet 6.1Might of Anvillon
Shardplate ToxoidSet 7.1Toxic Shards
Malice HermitSet 5.1Toxic Shards
Nug, Fury FistsSet 7.1Winds of Fury
Frostmane DragonSet 3Winds of Fury
Lichmane DragonSet 7.1Ghastly Echoes
Xerxes, the ExecutionerSet 6Ghastly Echoes
Crux, Metamind RogueSet 7.1Cypien Technology

Heroic InclusionsEdit

The following table lists heroic cards that can be obtained in preconstructed decks.

Card Set Deck(s)
EpidemicSet 1Ghastly Echoes
Hellforged AvatarSet 1Tarsus Unleashed
Forge OracleSet 3.1Cypien Technology
Steelforged AvatarSet 1Might of Anvillon
Frostfang MaidenSet 3Winds of Fury
Patron of DeepwoodSet 6.1Call of Deepwood
TremorsaurSet 6Call of Deepwood
Rootforged AvatarSet 1Call of Deepwood
Patron of KadrasSet 6.1Kadras' Fury
Sparkweaver AcolyteSet 6Kadras' Fury
Stormforged AvatarSet 1Kadras' Fury
Patron of TarsusSet 6.1Tarsus Unleashed
Zombie DreadknightSet 6Tarsus Unleashed
Patron of AnvillonSet 6.1Might of Anvillon
Forgewatch SentrySet 6Might of Anvillon
Killer BeeSet 5Toxic Shards
Demara's PitguardSet 7Toxic Shards
Leyline VerminSet 7.1Toxic Shards
Cyclone RiderSet 7Winds of Fury
Avalanche InvokerSet 1Winds of Fury
NecroplasmSet 7Ghastly Echoes
Ceaseless GrimgauntSet 7Ghastly Echoes
Cypien ExperimentationSet 7Cypien Technology
Alloyin HighlanderSet 1Cypien Technology
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