Elemental Nomads

While the other factions retreat from the harsh environments across Solis, the Tempys embrace them. These nomads live exposed to the elements, for it is from the elements that they draw their strength. Masters of flame and frost, stone and storm alike, the Tempys harness the elements to do their bidding. As wild as the winds themselves, the clans roam the tundra seeking to prove their might, clashing with one another as well as with those foes that may cross their path.

I am Fire.  I am Flame.

The Tempys embrace their elemental bonds fully.  The most honored among their people are the elementalists known as the Asir, who adorn their bodies with tattoos infused with the powers of the very elements themselves.  The clans are led by those who show the greatest mastery of their chosen element, and challenges are settled by combat.

Neutral Grounds


The nomadic Tempys clans rarely erect permanent settlements. The sole exception to this is the hallowed ground of Kadras, a sacred place imbued with elemental energy. Outsiders are forbidden within its boundries, but tales are told of an eternal flame that burns upon a high peak despite storms perpetually overhead. Kadras serves as the gathering point for the clans, where each year they hold a tournament to determine which clan will lead. Champions of the clans meet in single combat, and their struggles are the stuff of legends. It is said that the elements themselves respect the tournament’s results, and that the results can literally move mountains. The most recent tournament was won by the champion of the Earth clan, who struggles with the fire clans to heed his words of patience.

As the wind blows

The Tempys have unstable relations with the other factions, as any agreements and treaties they may make can be quickly broken when another clan takes up the mantle of leadership after the tournament of Kadras. As a whole, they tend to distrust the Alloyin, who they see as corrupting the purity of the elements when they forge them into their machines. The Earth clans have strong bonds with the Uterran, and seek to learn more of their subterranean homes. The Fire clans care little for diplomacy in any form, and frequently sever all ties with the other factions whenever they rise to power.

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