Life in the Depths

While the surface of the world is covered by inhospitable sheets of ice, there is life underground. The Uterra make their home in vast caverns deep beneath the tundra above. This subterranean network is unlike anything found on the surface, teeming as it is with life. The walls of the caves mysteriously radiate with light and heat, allowing vegetation and animal life impossible elsewhere to not only exist, but to thrive. The Uterrans harness the magic of nature – of life and growth, and it shows. Theirs is the most diverse and populous of the factions, home to animals, plant-beings, and fey spirits alike.

Preserving the Balance

The Uterra are united in their reverence for nature.  They seek the direction of animal guides and the approval of fey spirits to aid them in important decisions.  They believe that they alone are the stewards of life in this world, and that they must preserve the fragile balance that allows them to thrive in their home beneath the surface.  The druidic circle that leads them holds to the belief that one day they will be able to bring life to the whole of Solis and transform the surface into a natural paradise like the one in which they live underground.

Bounty Below


Underneath the surface, the Uterra live in a green, lush realm that stands in stark contrast to the frigid wasteland above. Vegetation stretches from the ground to the roof of the caverns, creating a jungle-like canopy that serves as home to a vast array of life.  Majestic waterfalls fall into deep rivers, which break off into finger lakes and hot springs.  The Uterran people forage and hunt for food that is ever-plentiful, growing back faster than they can seem to eat it.

Endless Growth

The network of caverns which the Uterra call home stretch in all directions from beneath the SolForge itself. Their territory grows every year as their numbers increase, a fact that has caused a great deal of strife with the other factions, most notably the Nekrium. They stay away from the lands underneath the Alloyin city of Brightsteel as the vibrations and humming of their machines disturb their animal allies. Above all else, the Uterrans desire to bring the life they have found for themselves underground to all on the surface, and believe that if the factions unite they can harness the power of the SolForge to reignite the sun and bring light and life to all of Solis.

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